Dog Boarding in Tualatin, Wilsonville, Beaverton and Sherwood

24 10 2009
Another satisfied customer of Canine Country

Another satisfied customer of Canine Country

After my dog was badly injured at Canine Country, Tualatin, OR, I needed to find another place in the Tualatin, Wilsonville, Beaverton, Sherwood, Tigard or Lake Oswego area to board my dog. A colleague recommended Windy Ridge Boarding Kennels in Sherwood, Oregon. They are awesome. Good people, safe and affordable.

If you know of other good places in the metro-area, please let me know in the comments section.




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30 10 2009

That’s bullsh!^

14 11 2011
Linda McCall

i read your sad story and am very sorry your dog was injured. Cooper Mountain Kennels in Beaverton is also a wonderful loving and caring kennel for short or long boarding. They also have professional groomers , i am one of them. Linda McCall

5 01 2012

I find that generally people who put up these types of fraudulent posts have many emotional problems. I feel very bad for you.

My dog has been at Canine Country for the past 2 years twice a week…I was referred there by a friend and have referred many others to them. They are caring and extremely aware of the dogs.

On one occasion Shawn was late in meeting me to pick my dog up (which was not a big deal to me) but Shawn not only insisted on delivering my dog to my home but wouldn’t let me pay for that weeks boarding.

This is by far the best facility I have ever had my dog at….it is said that you would make statements like this all because you can not deal with your own emotional issues.

I wish you all the best in getting the help you so clearly need.

9 01 2012

This incident is a documented fact. The lawsuit is a matter of public record. The good folks at Parkway Veterinary in Lake Oswego will gladly tell you all about the condition of my dog after she spent the weekend in Shawn’s “care.” And, of course, you can see the photos for yourself.

The fact that you, someone who was not involved and has no knowledge of the event, are able to call this a fraudulent post and attack me personally really says something about your character — as does the fact that you supplied a fake contact email along with your comment. I’d suggest YOU get some help but, unfortunately for you, there’s no cure for stupid.

I’m happy for you that Shawn has yet to injure your dog and that he is now taking responsibility for his mistakes. I’m sure he gets plenty of practice.

16 01 2012

Teresa – You sound like a truly well-rounded individual. Truly. To blindly assume anyone with photographic and Legal evidence proving mistreatment of an animal has “emotional problems” is an undoubtedly brilliant way to go through life.

Good luck with that….I’m sure it’s worked splendidly for you to date.

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